Key House Rules in Queensland Place


People at Queensland Place

Community Manager

Your community manager is here to resolve any queries you may have, together with any concerns you may have.

They are also responsible for the building and its ongoing functionality, ensuring all services are working well and issues are resolved as quickly as possible.

Hours: Monday to Friday 9am – 6pm

Number: To follow                                                                    

Email: To follow

Evening Concierge

The evening concierge is there to ensure all runs smoothly through the night, they will carry out regular patrols of the grounds and internal communal areas.

Hours: Monday – Sunday 7pm – 7am

Number: To follow

Email: To follow

House Keepers

You have two housekeepers whose job it is to keep the communal areas sparkling! Please be respectful of them and don’t leave rubbish lying around.


It is your responsibility to take the rubbish from your rooms and communal kitchen in the bins, the bins are provided on the lower ground floor in the communal bin store. Ensure you are putting the correct rubbish in the correct bin, ensuring recycling bins are not contaminated.

Regular Inspections

Cluster Communal Areas: Every 6 weeks

Individual Cluster Rooms: Every 3 months

Studio Rooms: Every 3 months

Keep your room/flat in a clean state and carry out your share of cleaning in the communal areas, e.g. the kitchen. If the communal areas are not kept clean the community manager may issue a warning and request that the areas be cleaned properly. If you have repeated warnings, you might end up having to pay for a contract cleaning company to come in.

Damages and Liabilities

Individual Rooms - Any damages will be deducted from your deposit or a payment demanded (depending on the amount).

Communal Clusters – any damages will be split by all occupants of the cluster or billed to an individual if said individual comes forward to accept responsibility.

We cannot be responsible for any losses you may incur whilst living in this residence. To ensure your safety and security, please keep you door locked at all times and keep windows closed when you leave your room. Keep you key/fob safe and do not give it to anyone else. You will be responsible for your key/fob and will therefore have to pay a charge if it is lost or stolen. 

Laundry Rooms

The laundry machines only take pound coins, so do stock up!

Please ensure you don’t over load the machines and that you follow the instructions for proper use.

Please try to collect your belongings as soon after the cycle finishes to ensure the machine is free for the next user.


Please use the equipment responsibly and only within your own capability, it is noted that users engage with the gym at their own risk.

Please ensure you wipe down the equipment after each use so they are ready for the next resident.

Please take all rubbish with you after your session, empty bottles etc.

Any issues with the equipment please report it to staff immediately.

Cinema room

Please book through the community manager during their working hours.

Leave it clean and tidy for the next user please taking any rubbish with you when you leave.

Games Tables

Please use responsibly and ensure that no damage is made to these tables rendering them out of service for other residents.


Keep noise at a level that does not interfere with the study, sleep and comfort of other residents, staff and neighbours. This includes TVs, stereos, CD players, musical instruments, singing, shouting, etc. Reduce the level of noise immediately if asked to do so.


Behave with respect and consideration towards other residents, staff and your neighbours. This includes not using foul and abusive language, not using other residents’ possessions without permission and respecting the privacy of others

We do not tolerate any form of bullying or harassment, whether it be based on someone’s faith, gender, sexuality, race, disability or other.

Ask permission from the Community Manager if you want to hold a party.


Queensland Place is a no smoking environment therefore you must not smoke in any part of your residence or the communal areas.

Fire Safety

  • Additional kitchen appliances, such as toasters, kettles, microwaves and mini fridges are not permitted in bedrooms.
  • Candles, burning oils and items with a naked flame are not allowed.
  • Be both energy efficient and safe by switching all unused appliances off by the main socket.
  • Report anything you think is a potential fire/safety risk to your on-site staff.
  • Do not tamper with any fire equipment – it is a serious offence and you will be charged for doing so.
  • If you think any fire equipment is missing in your accommodation, please inform your community manager or on-site staff.

Medical conditions & disabilities

Please notify on-site staff upon check in if you have any medical conditions and/or disabilities. By doing so we can be in more of a position to give assistance and make the right provisions for you if a situation occurs.”

Firearms & materials

Firearms and any other form of weapons (knives, blades, batons etc) are strictly forbidden. Prior consent will be needed by your community manager for group meetings, demonstrations and written materials (pamphlets, brochures, flyers etc).


Thank you for taking the time to read and we hope you really enjoy living at Queensland Place!